I believe education is the key to boosting your parental confidence.

Although becoming a new parent can be a joyful and exciting time, getting to ‘know’ your baby can also be a time of challenge and uncertainty. You may feel overwhelmed and confused as you try to work out what is best for your baby.

When you become a new parent you may discover:

  • Everyone has an opinion – although usually well intentioned, all this advice is often inconsistent and can leave you feeling unsure.
  • There are too many parenting books – the huge quantity of parenting books available (each claiming to contain the magic answer) just adds to parental confusion.
  • Comparison is inevitable – even though you’ll try your best not to, it’s hard not to make comparisons (good and bad) with every other baby you meet.
  • Sleep deprivation REALLY is a form of torture!

All these issues can have a negative effect on your parenting skills, making you confused and stripping you of your confidence.

If you’re armed with the relevant facts, and have a consistent parenting plan to follow, you’ll respond to your baby with confidence. Your experience of being a new parent will be a much more relaxed one.

Confident parenting equals contented babies.

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