Maternal Matters

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Handbook overview

The ‘Maternal Matters’ handbook is a step-by-step parenting guide, explaining and outlining the techniques and guidelines I have used with great success for many years whilst helping and supporting thousands of families.

My goal is to educate and guide you through the changes of your baby’s first year, giving you the confidence to meet all of his needs efficiently and effectively. I believe that through consistent actions, you can successfully create a workable and realistic routine for you and your baby.

My book will empower you – putting you in control of your baby’s needs, and will give you the confidence to implement a ‘parent directed routine’.

My techniques and guidelines are based on a process of elimination, rather than a set of structured rules, to aide in setting up a routine. Follow these guidelines and you’ll know when your baby is tired, hungry or bored. You’ll learn how to read all of his cues.

‘Maternal Matters’ helps you understand your baby’s behaviour and will teach you how to meet all of his/her needs throughout all milestone changes. It teaches you new skills and lets you in on a few helpful secrets.

For example: A newborn baby, whose needs have been adequately met, may still cry for 30 minutes or more before falling into a nice, deep sleep. This is normal behaviour for a newborn. It’s how you react during this time that affects how your baby settles, how long it takesand how long the sleep lasts.

Topics covered include:

  • Settling techniques, which can be encouraged from as early as the first few weeks.
  • Settling techniques appropriate for each age group, up to 12 months.
  • Flow charts covering difficulties faced when attempting to settle your baby.
  • Feeding techniques for both breast and bottle feeders.
  • How to gently direct your baby into a healthy routine.
  • Tips on how to not over stimulate your baby.
  • How much sleep your baby needs.
  • Information covering the importance of resettling.
  • Tips on how to resettle your baby.
  • Routine suggestions for your baby as he grows through his milestones.
  • Introduction of solids – when and how; suggested feeding schedules for your baby.

My handbook gives you an easy to follow plan of action for when you are feeling unsure, whilst at the same time respecting your parental instinct and offering you choice when making decisions

My techniques for feeding, sleeping and settling, and implementing routine, can make the difference between having a happy parent baby relationship or a stressful, unpredictable one!

I know how difficult it can be when you are a new parent, sleep deprived and wanting to do your best. It can be very difficult to remember all of the information I provide at my home visits and I designed this book with that in mind.

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