Rebecca and baby Max


“Up until my son was 11 months old he’d never slept more than three hours in a row. And that is no exaggeration. I went back to work when he was three months old and at around six months I started doing anything to just get him to sleep. Every night from about midnight he’d end up in bed with me and each time he woke I’d feed him to sleep again. I staggered through to 11 months and then decided enough was enough. A colleague urged I get in touch with Jen. Three nights after our appointment with Jen, Max slept through the night and has ever since. Jen gave me the confidence to do what I needed to do to get him into an appropriate routine. She changed the way I thought about the process  and was there each time I had a question or concern.”


 Sally and baby Eva


I contacted Jen because my 6 month old had no routine and as a result was overtired and hyperactive all day every day. She couldn’t self settle, was not feeding properly and was waking often overnight.  I felt completely out of my depth and became obsessed and anxious thinking I was doing something wrong.

Jen basically wiped the slate clean and started again with a routine that changed Eva into a new baby!

I found it amazing because she didn’t Just give me a schedule to follow, but she provided me with the reasons behind the routine so it made sense to me.  It’s  boosted my confidence and I finally feel like I am in control, and because I’m in control, my baby is way less fussy and she isn’t  confused as to what’s coming next!

I like to be out and about so the routine also allows for flexibility so you’re not confined to home.

I downloaded Jen’s new app ‘wotbaby’ which I use as a go-to if I am curious about something in relation to her feeding or sleeping.

I would absolutely recommend Jen’s app and knowledge to any mums out there. I now  have a baby that feeds without a fuss, loves her solids, sleeps 3 or so hours a day, sleeps through the night and is super happy.

And that was all within the first couple of days!


Caroline and baby Teddy

Sleep_Support_SydneyTeddy was 9 weeks old when I met Jen at The Pharmacy.

Teddy wasnt sleeping well and we were exhausted. Jen pointed out to me – despite my protestations that he hated being wrapped – that the issue was that we werent wrapping him and thus he wasnt having quality sleeps.  In about 5 seconds she had whipped him out of the pram, wrapped him like a sausage and he then proceeded to have the longest sleep he had ever had!

Jen then came for a home visit and gave us a lot more invaluable insights. What we loved was her belief in her techniques and the confidence she exuded. It was infectious and from the moment she left things got better and better.

At 12 weeks Teddy started sleeping from 10pm to 6am most nights and we have regained confidence as parents.  I have spoken highly of Jen to all my mothers group and friends and would recommend her to anyone who wanted some no nonsense advice.

Aisha and Baby Zahara

“Thank you Jen for saving all our sleep.  My second daughter, at 6 mths was waking every 2 hours at night for a feed and fighting sleep during the day.  So exhausted she wasn’t properly eating either.  My husband and I were stressed out, walking zombies!!!  I was beginning to despair and struggling to cope with both a toddler and a sleep deprived baby.  However in one day, Jen identified the issues, set us all straight and within a few days we saw amazing improvements!!  The major one – sleeping through the night!  A year down the track, I still think – thank goodness we found you when we did!”

Christine and Baby Olivia

“We first encountered Jennifer’s insight when we were at breaking point when our first child was eight months old and had not slept longer than 40 minutes at a time. After a few hours, Jennifer gave me the tools and advice I needed to get over our dependency on the dummy and blissful sleep for all of us was the result.When my second child was 3 months old I required surgery that would see me unable to breastfeed her for at least 24 hours. We had tried every technique for the best part of 2 months to get her to take a bottle, but with no progress. Again, we called on Jennifer and after a few short days of following Jennifer’s advice, Olivia was happily taking the bottle and my fears of having to starve my child were relieved. Jennifer empowered us to get Olivia to go to sleep on her own, meaning I no longer had to spend hours at a time nursing her to sleep.Jennifer taught me how to read my babies behaviour and provide her with what she needs without any guess work. The importance of rituals and routines has helped my children in every facet of their development.Olivia is now 7 months old and for the past 4 months has settled herself to sleep and sleeps through the night every time.

The true magic of Jennifer’s advice is empowerment. When you know what your baby needs you can give it to them, without doubting yourself. The result is two wonderfully happy children, and to me, that is priceless.”

Claire and Baby Chloe

“Your manual, ‘Maternal Matters’ is exactly what my husband and I have been looking for. We have read so many parenting books, many of which refuse to suggest a routine or give practical advice. We’ve always wanted a consistent routine for Chloe but was never quite sure how to achieve it, however now we have your manual and some direction we feel much more confident and happier and as a result Chloe is happier too.”

Christine and baby Joshua

“The parenting book market has so many baby books out there. But what I find good and what sets your ideas apart from the others is that your manual has concrete ideas, but flexible at the same time. My experience is that most books are at opposing ends of a continuum – either too vague or they tell you that you have to do something at a specific time and no wavering from those times which is stressful!

I also love how your manual isn’t a big bible – When I have a moment of doubt/ uncertainty, I know exactly what section I need to go to, and after a few minutes of perusal I’m back on track with confidence. Having a baby has left me time poor, so having something concise is SUPER helpful!  If babies were born with user manuals, yours would be close to it!  I also found the manual worked well in conjunction with the hands-on help/input I rec’d from a sleep and settle cottage in Hornsby – the message re: settling/resettling was pretty much consistent. I’ve been lucky with the information I’ve had access to! I’m glad I came across your ideas through the Huggies website!

Thanks again, and I hope one day you’re successful in getting your ideas published so that it’s readily available for other mum’s out there.”

Netta and baby Zac

“After 10 months of not sleeping at night, feeding 3-4 times a night and hearing    Zac scream each time he went  to bed for at least 2 hours, I decided to call for help. At first I was a bit hesitant as I was certain no one could help Zac sleep. A friend recommended I call Jennifer and I decided to make that call. Well, that call saved me. I was at breaking point, totally sleep deprived and also started to develop some form of depression.

I begged Jennifer to stay the night when I called her to book her in. She told me she would not need to if I followed her routine and guidance, which she would provide at the 3-hour home visit. I must admit I did not think I would get any results in 3 hours.

Jennifer arrived at my home, met Zac and instantly I knew I made the right choice to call her.

I spent 3 hours of very inspiring, comforting and valuable time with Jennifer and by that night, Zac was already sleeping through. I totally had a new child. Two months on and Zac is sleeping through the night, having good day sleeps, and has really grown and developed (it is amazing how much lack of sleep can impact the growth and development of our children).

I want to thank Jennifer with all of my heart for the help she gave me and I have to say, this was the best money I have ever spent!”

Sarah and baby Cameron

“I approached Jen when I was at my wits end. Cameron (Cam) had been very unsettled since his birth. All of my experienced friends had told me that this is how newborns were and that things would start to settle down once he reached 3 months. I clung to this and when the 3 month milestone came and went and Cam was still very unsettled, I was disheartened, exhausted, frustrated, and at a loss. At 3.5 months, I was still feeding Cam every two or so hours. He would barely sleep during the day, with one feed – play – sleep cycle merging into the next , with much hysterical crying. Whilst the days were bad, the nights were even worse – I dreaded them. The settling process was always lengthy, difficult and anxiety ridden. It took hours and hours to rock Cam to sleep. If I did manage to get him down to sleep, I would then be up every 2-3 hours feeding. I felt Cam wasn’t the happy and contented baby that he should have been.

Jen arrived on my doorstep when Cam was 3.5 months old. Her first observation, even before she walked through the door, was that Cam was completely “overstimulated and overtired”. Jen stayed and observed a complete sleep – play – feed cycle. She taught us what was “normal” behaviour for a baby of his age and what we should (and could) expect with her techniques. She changed his sleeping environment and routine, introduced us to the “windows of time” concept and we focused on the settling and resettling techniques. She highlighted the importance of sleep, routines and consistency.

From day one Cam has been a different baby. From that very afternoon, Cam consistently has three really good (1.5-2.5 hour) sleeps during the day, every day. With the nights, it took us about a week of persistence with Jen’s techniques to get Cam to sleep through (I strongly suspect that it took us this long, rather than immediately, because we weren’t as consistent as we should have been). However, now he is put to bed by 7pm and after a 10pm dream feed, sleeps until about 6.30am. Cam is also playing and feeding much better. In every way, he is so much happier. No longer do I have to rock him to sleep. As soon as I start the wrapping process, he gives me a big smile. I give him a kiss and place him in his cot, fully awake. Cam then settles himself and takes himself off to sleep (either immediately, or after a couple minutes of talking to himself). He now, always wakes up happy!

Jen is approachable, friendly and caring. Her techniques are sensible, realistic and no-nonsense (and they work!). Her support, guidance and reassurance during the face-to-face consultation and follow up emails and telephone calls was fantastic.

I cannot thank Jen enough for her assistance and would not hesitate in recommending her to anyone who has an unsettled baby”.

Sophie and Baby Celia

“Celia used to take short cat-naps throughout the day and would wake at 4am for a breast feed.  By 8 months, she was so tired that she didn’t want to eat. I was feeling pretty exhausted too! Jennifer helped me establish a routine of 2 regular day sleeps and a long night time sleep. I really appreciated her patience with all my questions and her encouragement and support when Celia did not seem to like the new routine! Celia now sleeps for 2-3 hours in the day and for 11-12 hours at night and enjoys mealtimes.  She is much happier and even chats to herself in her cot when she wakes up. Jennifer has helped me feel much more confident about helping Celia to sleep. It’s made such a difference to our family.   I’d strongly recommend Jennifer to anyone looking to establish a sleeping routine”

Holly and Baby Sienna

Sienna - jennfier hamilton
“A friend of mine recommended Jennifer to me after trying to  settle my beautiful baby girl in her day sleeps. Sienna was an erratic day sleeper with typical catnapping traits and by the end of the day she was so exhausted, resulting in hours of heart wrenching screaming. Jennifer visited Sienna and I at home to observe a complete feed-sleep cycle and ever since then Sienna and I have never looked back!  Jennifer showed me how to wrap Sienna and place her in her cot before she was asleep to allow Sienna to self settle. I couldn’t believe something would work so quickly as so many other techniques I tried had failed. She is now able to settle much quicker and with less tears. Sienna also now sleeps through to 6-7 am. I can’t thank Jennifer enough  for their effective and common sense techniques which I can now utilise with ease. Jennifer has given me the confidence I need to care for my baby by providing a day and night routine that is realistic and achievable. Jennifer has really has changed my life with baby Sienna!”

Carolyn and baby Neve

“My girlfriend recommended I read Maternal Matters for my second baby.  I read through it and loved how easy the step-by-step advice was to understand and put into practice, especially when you are sleep deprived and have a toddler.

I followed the demand feeding advice for the first six weeks and found that my baby started to get into a four hourly feeding routine by week six.  I also followed the 10pm feed advice, by 11 weeks she started to drop the 3am feed and slept until 5am, I was amazed how it worked, as my first baby took until eight months to drop the 3am feed.

The windows of time for how long they should be up for was very helpful as well, as I have never found it easy to read the “tired signs” I pretty much just stuck to the time frames and it seemed to work out right. I really liked having Jennifer’s manual to help me when my baby was unsettled, rather than having to think through what to do. I followed her steps and found they worked, which gave me the reassurance that I was doing the right thing

My baby is now 4 months old. She is a great feeder and sleeper and a happy baby. My second time at motherhood has been such a great (even though still tiring) experience. I owe it to Jennifer’s book that got me through the early weeks and gave me the confidence to be a good mum. I highly recommend this book to all mums and dads.”

Emily and baby Jack

“At six months of age, my perfect newborn baby, Jack, became a bit more difficult – he was becoming increasingly animated and needy, noisier, and he would only go to sleep when rocked in my arms. I was also ready to go back to part time work, and wanted to be able to guide a baby sitter with a routine that worked for Jack and me. So I called Jennifer for a consultation. After very strictly implementing all of Jennifer’s techniques for one week, Jack became much more calm and contented, and I regained the upper hand in our relationship. Jennifer gave me the confidence to put myself back in charge of my baby – I now dictate eating, sleeping and play time, and I know that Jack is getting all the food, sleep and play that he needs.”

Christine and baby Isabella

“Jennifer was really marvelous.  She came over and helped both Adam and I understand what Isabella needed.  Not only did she give us skills and techniques, she explained to my family as well!  We got results right away because Isabella was 2 weeks old when we started with Jennifer’s techniques.  It gave me the confidence to eliminate all of the possible reason she cried and to know what it was that she wanted next.  While life sees things change, Isabella has a great start and happier parents now that she sleeps and so can we! Thanks so much Jennifer, you certainly made a massive difference for us!”

Kim and Baby Ava

“In our sleep haze we muddled through the first few weeks although as the weeks progressed Ava’s day time sleeping was getting less and less and we were finding it harder to settle her with all of us becoming more upset and frustrated as each day went by.From our very first conversation, I found Jennifer to be very calming, supportive, encouraging and down to earth.  On meeting Ava, Jennifer assessed our situation and understood exactly where we were at.  She explained how, with a few days of work, we could help Ava self settle and actually enjoy sleeping both day and night.  She was right!  Not only did Jennifer help us have a much happier, relaxed, contented baby who loves her cot but we have also become blissfully happy parents who feel they have the confidence and skills to relax, take one day at a time and enjoy our little girl.Jennifer is an absolute star and we would recommend her to anyone.  The level of support she has provided us, both following our initial meeting and in the months that have followed, has been fantastic and realistic.  We are excited to be part of the Jennifer’s classes as we continue our journey with Ava.”

Hichem and baby Orion

hichem and Orion
“Jennifer is a true baby guru. We were feeling overwhelmed with conflicting advice and needed some one to just give us some clear direction. We contacted Jen wanting advice on settling, breast feeding and weaning. She was a fountain of knowledge and delivered all the information in no-nonsense, gentle way, without being bossy or patronising.

Our son now regularly sleeps from 7pm to 6.30am without waking, he’s happier, eats well and is generally much easier to enjoy. She also stopped me and my wife squabbling over the ‘right thing to do’. She has been a source of inspiration, encouragement and support for our family over the last 8 months and I can’t thank her enough.”

Karen and baby Grace

Grace - Jennifer Hamilton
“After 7 months of my second daughter waking 2-3 times a night for a feed AND napping during the day (not sleeping), I was at my wits end. It didn’t help that I was due to go back to work in 2 months time either. Jennifer came one morning and helped me settle Grace for her morning nap then discussed how to manage the nighttime. We all knew it would not be easy but we had to do it for everyone’s sake. The first three nights were really hard however by the fourth night Grace started sleeping 6.30pm-6.30am.  This is still happening 99% of the time and we are all functioning like a normal, well rested family.  She also has two good daytime sleeps as well.  Jennifer was available night and day via phone or email to support us during the hard times and encourage us as well. I would thoroughly recommend Jennifer to anyone. Thanks Jennifer, you are my saviour!!!”

Emma and baby Milla

Jennifer Hamilton Mila
“I suffered like a martyr for five months, thinking that it was completely acceptable and normal for my baby to be waking three or four times through the night and not be settling well throughout the day. I reached out to a friend and she referred me to Jennifer. It’s fair to say my life as a new and exhausted mother completely changed from that moment!! Jennifer advised a different routine and some techniques to try with our little girl. The very next night she slept straight through and it’s been that way ever since. Bliss! Jennifer should be an essential resource in any new parent’s toolkit of survival. She is calm, patient, generous and above all, very well informed and her stuff works (I know this because we tried other books/programs to no avail). I recommend her without hesitation to everyone who’ll listen!”

Jay and babies William, Olivia and Joshua

Jennifer Hamilton
“I have used Jennifer’s settling techniques & routine guidelines for all of my 3 children and it has been an absolute godsend. I first used Jennifer’s support and guidance with William (now 4 ½ years), and it gave me the confidence to trust what I was doing. I used it again with Olivia (2 years) and she was a completely different baby who tested me on everything and was a lot more demanding. But with persistence and consistency as suggested by Jennifer, she settled beautifully. Joshua, my third gorgeous baby is now 12 weeks old and I’ve gone back to using Jennifer’s advice and he, like my other two did, can self-settle and has slept through from 10pm to 6am since he was approximately 8 weeks old. So I cannot recommend Jennifer’s guidance and support enough”.

Emma and baby Estella

Jen Hamilton - Estella
“I realised when Estella was 2 months old that constant demand feeding with very little sleep during the day was making her a very unhappy baby.  My confidence definitely wavered as a new mum trying conflicting advice that wasn’t working.  Jennifer was able to show myself and my husband a new set of tools to enable us to work together to have a beautiful content baby who is often commented on for being so placid in nature. We’ve moved from a baby that would sleep infrequently during the day and was dummy dependent, to one who independently falls asleep (usually chatting to herself) and constantly smiling.”

Janine and baby Ruby

Jen Hamilton - Ruby
“Ruby is our first beloved baby and not having had much experience with babies before, the experience was somewhat overwhelming. It was exacerbated by our immense lack of sleep.  After four months of sleepless days and nights, exhaustion set in, until Jennifer came to our rescue. Jennifer’s understanding and non-judgmental approach set into motion a new routine that has helped us produce a gorgeous, happy and content baby…that sleeps!

My husband and I feel like the people we were pre-Ruby.  I’ve got so much more energy and have a little spark back in my personality.  Our time spent together as a family is now more quality as we all have so much more to offer each other.”

Morwenna and baby Monty

“I moved to Tokyo when my first born Havana was 9 months old. I had real problems getting her to take a bottle and after weeks and weeks of failed attempts I was given Jennifer’s contact details by a fellow Aussie in Tokyo. I again contacted Jennifer when my son Monty was 8 weeks old to help me get him onto some kind of routine. Her advice was always spot on and it works every time and fast. More importantly; Jennifer does something more special than give advice. She gives you the confidence to make the necessary changes. Mostly when mothers seek help it’s when they are at their wits end and very sleep deprived. Jennifer’s expertise and confidence building approach is one in a million.”

Anna and baby Charlie

“At eight months of age my son’s sleep patterns were similar to a newborn’s, and I was struggling through a fog of sleep deprivation.  Jennifer’s settling methods have been an absolute godsend.  During her visit to us she gently showed me exactly what I needed to do to help my son learn to go to sleep by himself.  Her technique worked, and most importantly, was clear and easy to follow.  The support and reassurance Jennifer provided through follow up phone calls was also invaluable.  Jennifer kept me focused and taught me to trust my instincts and helped me regain my confidence.  My son is much happier and at ease, is sleeping through the night and is now able to resettle himself with little fuss. I feel as if I have gained not just my confidence back but an understanding of babies and their nature through the process.  I can’t thank Jennifer enough.”

Suze and baby Maggie

“Jennifer was my saviour when I contacted her when my daughter Maggie was 4 ½ months old. Maggie is my second child. I thought my second child would be a breeze and that I would know what to do this time around and have her in a good routine, sleeping well etc. But I had made the mistake of rocking Maggie to sleep which resulted in her waking up after very short periods day and night.. I was totally exhausted as I had a toddler to look after as well. I contacted Jennifer (feeling a little silly as I should know what to do after already having a baby… shouldn’t I!!). Jennifer came to my house and made changes to Maggie’s sleeping environment, encouraged me, and started the process of helping Maggie into a suitable routine for her age. After a couple of hours Maggie was showing signs of being able to put herself back to sleep. It was a miracle!! From that day Maggie has been sleeping so well and our days have become so much more enjoyable as we have been getting SLEEP!! Maggie is now 13 months old and she is a fantastic sleeper and eater. I am so grateful to Jennifer for making something that seemed so tiring and frustrating into something positive and easier just by following a few simple rules. Amazing!  Thank you so much.

Fleur and baby Fraser

“I wanted to write to you about your wonderful book.

Our little man Fraser is now three months old. Your book has provided an invaluable and practical foundation for the first three months and  will continue to do so.

Fraser sleeps really well, feeds really well and is very comfortable settling in his own bed. I always wanted to make sure I taught him how to sleep from the start. By using your guide, both my husband and I were not only on the same page but we really got to know Frasers needs easily.

I can only imagine how easy it would be to feed babies at every cry if you didn’t use the windows of time concept.

There was plenty of opportunity for me to apply your concepts while using my own instincts and understanding of Fraser. I knew if he was having an unsettled day because I was aware of his normal behavior.  This allowed me to give him some extra snuggles on those days.

I have recommended it to lots of my friends who are having babies so hopefully they get a copy as well.”

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